Eight Best Romantic Mexican Movies

Did you know about Mexico’s golden era of cinema? Whether you’re an informed student of Cinema or just like watching whatever Netflix is recommending, the Mexican film industry has something for all tastes.

Mexico established itself in the Cinema industry as a powerhouse of talent at the very beginning of Cinematic history, bringing to the silver screen and international market people like Maria Felix, Pedro Infante, and of course, Cantinflas. Nowadays, Mexico continues to bring unique voices to our tv and movie screens told to us through the acting and directing of talents such as Salma Hayek, Diego Luna, Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo Del Toro. 

With so many different options for movies and it being February, we were inspired to select eight movies from Mexican Movie History that are a perfect watch for the month dedicated to love and friendship. All you’ll need is some popcorn with salsa valentinadulces con chamoy, and you’ll be ready for your stay-at-home Mexican Cinematic Experience. 

Santa (1931)

Directed by: Antonio Moreno
Starring: Lupita Tovar

Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Santa is a beautiful and humble girl from a small town called Chimalistac. After her boyfriend cheats on her, the town turns against her and she is forced out of her hometown away from family and friends. She finds herself having to work as a prostitute, where she does find love, but perhaps not the way we’d expect.
Why we love it: This drama is Mexico’s first movie with sound based on the novel of the same name and the story is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s a black and white must-see and a Mexican Classic.
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El Rey Del Barrio (1950) – The King of the Neighborhood

Directed by: Gilberto Martinez Solares
Starring: German Valdes “Tin Tan”

Rating: G
Synopsis:Tin Tan is the leader of a group of thieves who go around conning wealthy women by acting as musicians. However, things change as one of their targets falls in love with Tin Tan.
Why we love it: It’s a light-hearted comedy with a lot of slap-stick humor and Tin Tan never ceases to charm and make us laugh. If you haven’t watched a Tin Tan movie before, this is a great way to start. 

Watch it here: YouTube

Los Caifanes (1967) – The Outsiders

Directed by: Juan Ibañez
Starring: Julissa, Enrique Alvarez Felix

Rating: R
Synopsis: A rich couple about to get married get mixed up with a street gang and spend a night sharing along the misadventures of the petty -thieves, questioning whether they’re right for one another after all.
Why we love it: Seeing Mexico in the 60’s was a treat and the dialogue can be very funny at times, though the pacing can be hard to get through.
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Doña Herlinda y su hijo (1985) – Doña Herlinda and Her Son

Directed by: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo
Starring: Guadalupe Del Toro, Arturo Mesa, Marco Treviño

Rating: R
Synopsis: Doña Herlinda urges her son to get married and have children, but her son is in love with a man.
Why we love it: Many of these movies are a great way to see the stories of people in other socio-economic groups and this one is no exception, not to mention an inside look into what many gay men and women had to go through in the 80’s in Mexico without ending in complete tragedy. If you like 80’s dramedies and culturally-relevant films, you’ll like this one.
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El Callejón de los Milagros (1995) – Midaq Alley

Directed by: Jorge Fons
Starring: Salma Hayek

Rating: R
Synopsis: This drama takes place in a neighborhood in Mexico City, centering around the lives of four of its inhabitants, and their connections.
Why we love it: Maybe it’s the 90’s, maybe it’s Salma Hayek, but this is probably one of the most romantic movies in this list. If you’re feeling romantic, you can’t miss this movie. 

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Arráncame la vida  (2008) – Tear This Heart Out

Directed by: Roberto Sneider
Starring: Ana Claudia Alancon, Daniel GImenez Cacho, Jose Maria de Tavira

Rating: R
Synopsis: Set in Puebla in the 1930’s, this period piece tells the story of Catalina, who finds herself in an arranged marriage with a chauvinist general. She adapts to her situation as best as she can until she meets a pianist who changes everything.
Why we love it: Yet another love letter to Mexico, Puebla is treated almost like another character. If you like romantic period pieces, this one hits all the spots.
Watch it here: Prime Video

Dime Cuando Tú (2020) – Tell Me When

Directed by: Gerardo Gatica Gonzalez
Starring: Ofelia Reyes Botello, Hector Bonilla

Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Mexican-American Will is heart-broken by the passing of his grandfather. He decides to go on a quest across Mexico City fulfilling a list of things Will’s late grandfather left for him to do. Among that to-do list was to fall in love: easier said than done.
Why we love it: We love movies that bring forth the Mexican backdrop and make us say “I’ve been there!”. The movie follows a familiar formula without necessarily falling into an obvious plot ending.
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Anonima (2021) – Anonymously Yours

Directed by: Maria Torres
Starring: Annie Cabello, Harold Azuara, Estefi Merelles

Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: After Alex accidentally texts Vale, the two decide to embark on an anonymous friendship, not realizing they know each other in real life.
Why we love it: A cute high school movie to watch on your own or with the teenagers in your life, this movie felt very much like a Generation Z version of “You’ve Got Mail”. It’s light-hearted and modern and a great movie to watch on your own or with the teens in the house.
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